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 Posted: Fri Feb 9th, 2007 04:10 pm
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Thanks so much for the detailed response.  Once I understood the mechanism, it became clear to me... the switch WAS working fine,  and it WAS energizing the solenoid (which would lift the sliding bar).  As you indicated, the sliding bar WAS bent downward near the back.  A simple re-bending and now we are almost in business.  I noticed when the oven door was "unlocked" there was a slight buzz coming from the solenoid.  I noticed the trigger for the switch was not lying exactly in the square hole.  I looked for an adjustment screw, etc, but there was none.  So I basically bent the metal tab a bit forward, so now it sits "squarely in the square."  No more solenoid "partial" activation.  I hope that is what you meant about "switch adjustment."

Again, thanks for taking the time with the accurate description!