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 Posted: Wed Feb 7th, 2007 07:28 pm
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Hi;  This is a circa-1992 range, with analog clock and timers.  Tried to self clean, then cancelled self clean.  Went through self cleaning the following morning.  Now the slider-latch will not slide to the left, hence I cannot open oven door.  Its been cool for 24 hours, and I also turned off power at breaker for about 10 minutes to reset everything.  No use.

Today I lifted the cooktop and the panel under the cooktop.  There is a bar which runs from the front of the oven to the back, and connects to the latch assembly.  There is an electronic switch which is holding the bar in place with a metal tab-hence hindering the latch from being slid from right to left.  I can lift up on the metal tab with my finger, which allows me to slide the oven door latch from right to left.  But when I hold the metal tab up there is a buzzing noise- cannot tell where it is coming from, but sounds like perhaps an energized solenoid?  Once I slide the latch back from left to right (i.e. locking), the buzzing goes away; but now I'm back where I started-with a locked door that will not unlock.

Any advise?

Additional Questions:

1) The lock mechanism is obvoiusly temperature controlled.  Perhaps bad temp sensor someplace indicating the oven is still hot? 

2) Is this temp sensor the same as the thermostat?

3) On these old units, is the SELF-CLEAN mode timer controlled?  If so, I may be in trouble because I'm not even sure if the clock or timers work. (I've manually forwarded the clock about 12 hours, hoping this would release something, but no go).

4) Is there some kind of self-clean solenoid?  If so, what is it actually doing?