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 Posted: Wed Feb 7th, 2007 04:29 pm
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I tried tracking the wire and verified the switch was working, but couldn't do anything more. So I called the repairman. I've got him at my house right now. He thinks it's a problem with the mainboard, but can't be sure without a wiring diagram, which is nowhere on the fridge. Meanwhile, I found the recall letter for GE Refrigerators, and my fridge is on the list. So I guess I'll be contacting GE to do the repair -- the guy I called can't do the recall repair.
Bottom line is: it appears that "ice bin auger motor not working" can be caused by a mainboard failure on this fridge.
I guess I'll end up paying for a service call but at least the problem with get fixed -- thanks to Samarai Appliance Repair Man.

-- Jon Webb