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 Posted: Sat Jun 11th, 2005 11:52 am
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Your problem may not be the transmission itself, you could have a worn out drive pulley/cam not raising the brake far enough to release or a leaking tub seal has rusted and locked the spin bearing up.

Remove front, tilt the machine back against a wall, remove the drive belt and turn the main tranmission pulley, (the one in the center of machine), one way will make it agitate the other should make the pulley raise up on the cam ramp and release the brake letting the transmission turn.  When you turn the pulley in the direction for spin, if the transmission doesn't want to turn try grabing hold of transmission and turn it by hand while turning pulley.

If the ramp on the pulley/cam has worn down you can do a tempory fix by installing a thicker or extra washer between part ref# 4 and 6 to compansate for the worn cam ramp.  Also check all parts in ref#24 to make sure all thrust washer and bearings are intact.

Do you notice any signs of water leakage at the top of the transmission, if so this would indicate the center tub seal has been leaking water and frozen up the main spin bearing.


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