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 Posted: Sun Jan 28th, 2007 09:01 am
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my washer (Kenmore 417.41052000 yr2001) front loader is experiencing the exact same problem as yours with the bearings being shot.  I was wondering if you replaced the bellows when you swapped the entire drum assembly?  How is the machine performing now? 

To the forum,
I was considering just swapping the bearings, but I believe I read in a prior post that they are pressed in.  How challenging is it to replace them?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated, as is everyone's help in this forum.  It is an honor to be a member :)
rovman wrote:
Thank you sensei, you are most correct and I have removed the whole drum and opened it up after receiving the replacement bearing shell Friday, finding the job fairly basic after all the great instruction received from the members of this forum.

However, despite having a "viewport" to the inner drum, I wasn't able to see the cracked spindle arms (2 of the 3 aluminum arms on a stainless tub; STUPID DESIGN!!!) and am now having to order the complete tub assembly, and sorely wish I had followed gak's advice and waited until disassembly before ordering. It would be great if one could just order the spindle assembly as my model (417.42042100) is 'bolt on' and could be changed out.

Nevertheless, I'll get the whole drum, and have a "as new" washer for ~$300 in parts after returning the rear bearing shell to

Pressing on.

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