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 Posted: Fri Jan 26th, 2007 12:14 am
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Well, I figured it out by searching through the forum and tested the board between J7 and J8 or the black and orange wire. No voltage. There was voltage at at "line" but not between J7 and J8.

Pulled the board and there was a black area behind the board. Looks like the board was grounding to the case? or just blew?? The board was fryed at a contact with a box on the other side that looks like some sort of inductor or switch for AC to DC? Says Comp by it with a K4.

Looked burnt but I figured maybe it was grounding and so I kept it off the case and gave it juice. It really fried when I put voltage through it again. Hey,.. I'm a grasshopper!

Could dirty coils or kids leaving the door open cause this to burn out or should I be looking for a problem elsewhere? 

Please help me. Did I offend with a poor beer choice or do you guys hate this POS I have?