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 Posted: Wed Jan 24th, 2007 02:07 am
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I am not new to troubleshooting problems. I work with cars all the time but never appliances.

Fridge is almost 6 years old and it used every bit of the warranty before it expired. Extended warranty was a joke (maybe not?) but I promised my wife I could handle it. Well, loooks like I need a little help.

Fridge quit out of the blue. Everything works, lights and both fans. Evap coils are dry and there was water in the tray when I found it dead. No click from the compressor. Not hot.... nothing. No voltage to the overload or start relay. Tested both wires with ground to fridge frame. Compressor Ohms test is good. I see a small capacitor and the board and have not tested either. I replaced relay and overload as they were cheap and easy to get. Ole shotgun approach. Blam! Miss! I want to get some advice before I proceed.

Also, didn't test the defrost system as I figured it would be the board anyway?

Any thoughts?

Thanks in Advance!