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 Posted: Fri Jun 10th, 2005 10:00 am
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My Maytag Atlantis washer MAV7257AWW (checked, re-checked, examined with a flashlight, verified, and certified that this is the correct model number on two different tags stuck to the back of the washer, not some irrelevant manual) was purchased 07/13/2002 from Sears.  Should have bought the extended warranty!

This unit used to make a noise like a rock was stuck between the gears or something when it was spinning.  But it spun.  It did not seem to be the belt squealing.  I never did find the source.  I think that may be a clue to its current state:  it no spinna.

The belt is in good condition.  The washer fills and it agitates.  I defeated the lid switch and watched as it flawlessly churned the water.  It pumps out the water just fine.  It appears that the belt drives the pump from a separate pulley so that confirms the motor is motoring and the belt is belting.  What it doesn't do is spin.  From looking at the parts diagrams, it seems that the TRANSMISSION is the only thing left.  There are lots of parts around the transmission, but no parts explosion of the tranny itself.  I have attached the .GIF parts diagram for others who may be curious.  Ok, now for the questions!

1) Can the transmission be repaired or does it have to be replaced if defective?

2a) How long is the manufacturer's warranty? I can't find all of the original paperwork at the moment, but a sticker on the back of the washer gives me the 07/13/2002 date for purchase.  (2b) Do I have a prayer for them to fix it?  After all -- the transmission is over $200 and would probably require all minors out of earshot and a case of beer to replace it.  On top of that, the Queen B. of the Universe just left a few months ago and now she wants everything I am going to earn for the next 20 years to be deposited in her Retail Therapy account.  I shouldn't have fought so hard to keep this wreched machine!  (2c) Should I fix it or replace it with something else before our next court date?

3) Can you help?  Anyone?  Is there a class-action suit that I can leech onto and get rich from simply because I made the wrong choice with this washer?  Oh Great Samurai - Do you really exist?  Is there any hope for me?  Please--Someone give me a reason to live!

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