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 Posted: Fri Jan 19th, 2007 08:10 am
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Just for temporary you can hook the two black wires to the cord or a jumper cord that will be plugged into line voltage, 120 volts.  The red wire from the 3 in 1 goes to the "run" terminal on the compressor. White goes to "start" and black goes to the "common" terminal. This set up will be to see if the compressor will run.

I think your compressor is shot, and that is why it won't start. So you can wire it like I described above and then plug it in to see if the compressor starts and runs. If it starts for a few seconds then quits again, its probably pulling way too much amperage and the compressor is bad.

On the old refrigerators they used to use the relay box as a terminal box too. One wire would go to the thermostat and then come back down to the relay. Another might go to the light switch. You can worry about that later, if the compressor runs OK on the temporary wiring. If you have an amp meter you could get a better idea of the condition of your compressor. They usually pull 3 or 4 amps when running. A bad one can pull 7 or 8 or more amps and will trip the overload protector in a short amount of time.