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 Posted: Thu Jan 18th, 2007 12:21 pm
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Thanks for all the help and advice.

I pulled the front off with no problems. The board is burned and shorted in different areas. I ordered the conversion board and motor last night.

Since I have replaced the main control board, the motor and motor control(when it comes in), it appears to be pretty much a plug and play, is there anything else I should check out while it's apart?

I don't believe this model has the wax motor that I read about on many other Maytags. Would anything in the door lock switch or dorr lock solenoid that could have caused the problem?

In addition I read somewhere the main controller board is prone to have issues with a power surge. I am asssuming that a power surge protector may help that?

I guess this washer will always have the small amount of water left in the tub after replacing this motor and control board? Is there a newer pump. I was hoping after all of this repair work to get the stinky water out completely so my clothes don't have a funky smell from time to time. I can make sure there is nothing stopping the pump while I have it apart.

Thanks for the reply and help.