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 Posted: Tue Dec 26th, 2006 10:22 am
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Thanks for all the suggestions

The #2 sparker electrode was the problem. I exchanged the #1 and #2 electrodes, and got the #2 burner to operate correctly, i.e. turn off the sparker after flame is lit. And now the #1 burner exhibits the keep-on-sparking behavior. The only difference in the electrodes appears to be the length of the actual electrode wire at the sparking end (see photo)...the longer one works correctly.

I'm glad I didn't implement my original plan of shotgunning the spark module.

asteysn2, the high tension wires all looked fine. Helpful comment on the order of magnitide of the flame current-- 5uA...

I was right though in suspecting #2 was not the correct sparker for this model. As I noted above, i didn't (and still don't) have a model number for the gas cooktop. I had taken the old #2 electrode to Coast Appliance circa October 2005, and a counterperson visually matched it with a similar looking one, but a shorter electrode wire (see photo--the correct one has the longer sparker, the worn looking one on the right). The shorter wire electrode sparked and ignited the #2 burner, but as described above, wouldn't turn off.

My problem now is finding the correct sparker. This would be trivially easy if i knew the model number of the cooktop. I've since found that my dad removed the bottom cover of the cooktop when he installed in in 1993, apparently to make the installation easier or ?, and it's since been lost. It almost certainly is where the model number is.

I really thought that KGCT365A number was correct - but the sparking electrode looks different.

So my choices:
1) Continue looking for someone that can ID the cooktop model by the picture in my first post
2) Find someone to visually ID the sparker from my photo. Maybe there's a 40 year veteran with a photographic memory that will glance at this pic and instantly rattle off a 12 digit part number.

Any guesses?

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