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 Posted: Wed Jun 8th, 2005 02:05 pm
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the kit was easy enough to install.

four longer screws were installed with 4 spacers (actually moving out the heating element 1/4" from the back wall, besides the thermal limiter replacement.

the "extra part", which took the longest, was the foam air duct seal.  darn old glue was harder that @#$#@ to get off.

I had four screws left over from the whole operation, after everything was put together and the dryer was working again.  So I thought, huh that is not good.  But I could not remember anything that was loose, I tested each piece I put back for stability.  Although, some screws may not be exactly back where they originally started.

Then I remembered that I just replaced the four shorter screws (since the new longer screws compensate for the extra length required by the spacers.).

so all in all, I think the Air Flow part is the 1/4" spacers and a little longer screw in the back.  I do not know how much the Thermal Limiter actually costs separtely (or if it can even be purchased by itself), but I think a quick visit to Home Depot or Lowes could have saved a few more bucks.  But then again, we pay for convenience every day, eh?



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