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 Posted: Fri Dec 15th, 2006 05:11 am
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Well, it took me the better part of the afternoon, but it's done - the new drum assembly is installed and it works like a charm!  Now instead of growling like a Pit Bull on a T-bone during the final spin, it's back to purring like a kitten again.  It really wasn't all that difficult a repair either, and for $153 for the entire drum assembly, it's the only way to go if your bearings are pooched.  I just took my time and paid close attention to how things came apart.  And the wealth of information and excellent writeups found in this forum were invaluable.  Thanks to all responsible for the great info.

One suggestion I can offer for anyone else taking on this repair would be to install the tub boot onto the front of the new drum before installing the drum into the cabinet.  I laid the drum assembly on it's back (supported on crates to prevent damaging the pulley) then attempted to install the boot - after having already installed the three front concrete weights... big meeestake!  There just ain't room for your pinkies to manouver around between the lip onto which the boot attaches, and the weights.  And even if you were persistent enough to actually get the boot onto the shell (before exhausting your supply of expletives), you'd have a hell of a time installing that coil spring that holds the boot in place.  Soooo, off came the weights and on went the boot - piece of cake.  Be sure to align the arrow on the top of the boot with the arrow on the top of the front outer shell.  There's actually a tab on the shell and a notch in the boot to ensure correct alighment.  The concrete weights were then reinstalled.

And there you have it - my experience as an Apprentice Appliantologist.  And a big thanks to our Fermented Samurai Brewmeister for maintaining this website and providing inspiration to Appliantological wannabees such as myself.  Keep up the good work "Oh Great One"!

And now, just for the what-the-heck of it, I think I'll do an autopsy on my old unit.  Just curious as to the condition of those spidie things.