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 Posted: Thu Dec 14th, 2006 04:39 am
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Success!  I picked up the tub kit today from Sears - $152.99 + tax.  As it turned out, Sears would have shipped it to my door for a mere $6.  Oh well, at least I was able to make the purchase.  I took a look at it tonight and it's slightly different than the old one, but the service guy at Sears told me that this tub kit fits several models.  Here's hoping mine will be one of 'em.  I'll be tackling the re & re tomorrow. Wish me luck!

In answer to your question Ken, it may fit your model but I'd suggest contacting a local appliance shop who is a Frigidaire dealer and see if he can cross reference the part number for you.  Unfortunately is pretty much useless to those of us on this side of the border.  I emailed them with my model number and their response was:

 "The model# provided is not in our system if the unit was purchased outside of the U.S. we wouldn't have any parts or technical information on the unit and recommend contacting the manufacturer."

 My machine is Kenmore model # 970-C40042-00 (purchased in Canada but, according to the tag, made in the USA) and the Sears part number for the tub kit I received is 134453200.  Hope that helps.

Also, for all you Kenmore front load owners (and this probably applies to all front loaders) the service tech I spoke to at Sears today gave me some useful tips.  1.) You must use an HE (high efficiency) soap.  Tide HE, Cheer HE, Gain HE, whatever.  I suppose even Sears HE might work.  2.) Don't overload the machine, although according to the sales person I purchased our machine from, that was supposed to be one of the claims-to-fame of these front loaders - you can jam them full.  NOT!!!  3.) Every 10 loads or so, do a load in HOT water.  It's supposed to help dissolve any buildup of soap residue that has accumulated in the mechanism.