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 Posted: Mon Dec 11th, 2006 06:40 am
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I had the same problem about 3 weeks ago, (Montreal, QC). The Sears part is actually only the rear tub kit. But that is not important because they will not sell to you. Go to the yellow pages and call any appliance repair and parts company. Give them the Sears part #, you may have to help them if they are not used to the Kenmore #'s which have extra #'s at the front (26970 if I remember right). Your machine is a Frigidaire and if it is like mine or newer (99) you should have the newer tub with the bolt on support spindle 9spider arms). I would recommend taking it apart first to see if you really need the tub, it could save you $300. Mine was in excellent shape still. By calling around I got 3 quotes cheaper than Sears and they had it shipped from T.O. delivered next day for $15. Had to pick it up at their shop to save the other shipping. 

The installation took me a lot longer than 3 hours in total, but I took my time and had to do it over several days. Changing just the rear outer shell with the bearing already installed was not that hard, just read the posts with the instructions.  1 kg coffee cans work great for holding up the tub when you're taking it out. And make your tool out of copper tubing for the filler tube clip it will save you a lot of work. It is in the instructions.

Hope this helps you out. I actually wrote a similar post about 3 weeks ago, but mine got chopped by our samurai master.

Good luck,