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 Posted: Sun Dec 10th, 2006 06:03 pm
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My washer is a Model # 970-C40042-00 (made in the USA for Sears Canada).  I have the classic symptoms of a bad bearing and/or broken spider arm(s) - it sounds like there's a freight train screaming through the laundry room during the final spin cycle, and there's copious amounts of brown... schmeng (for lack of a better term) that's ruining our clothes.  I called Sears Canada to order the entire tub assembly ($152.99 CDN) and was informed by the parts supervisor that the unit had to be installed by Sears service personnel to be purchased at that price.  The labour, of course, would be on top of that but he couldn't quote me how much that would be.  In order to find that out I'd have to book a service call and wait for the service tech to contact me when they were ready to do the install which appears, at this point, to be mid January which is when the drum kit will be available.  In order to buy the assembly and install  it myself, I'd have to purchase the individual components (front shell, rear shell with bearing, seal, tub and pulley) at a total cost of $567 plus tax!!!  Does anybody have any idea whether the assembly can be purchased at a reasonable price here in Canada?  It appears that the assembly is available from (assuming that their unit - item # 1063854 - is the correct one for my machine [their online part look-up system doesn't recognize my model number]) but it appears they don't ship to Canada.  Any ideas?


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