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 Posted: Fri Dec 8th, 2006 03:51 am
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The condition of the electrodes has to be clean and without cracks-- that condition allows the spark current to leak to the frame.

Usually the valve switches arent going to give you too much grief. If the electrodes are sparking away with the flame intact the valve switch is doing its job. On re-ignition units its very important that the valve burner switch matches up with the correct terminal for the High tension electrode lead wire.

The burner will stop aparking when the flame acts as a conductor between the electrode and the burner base. If the electrode isnt being licked by the flame it is not receiving re-ig current (typ, about 5 micro amps)

Also, dont forget to consider that the High Tension leads may be breaking down and may warrant replacement

Order of consideration:
1. High Tension leads and TIGHT connections at both ends
2. Electrodes (kept clean with no cracks)

3. Spark module

4. Burner switch
Experience has taught me that this is the usual order of suspicion

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