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 Posted: Tue Dec 5th, 2006 06:03 am
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Her's the sequence---On start up, I get the three red blinks (only once--it doesn't repeat). Both fan blowers come on. Then at about 15 seconds I hear a click that I assume is the ignitor. Yesterday when I went through this start up multiple times I then smelled propane-(also smelled propane at the same time otside while checking  the 2" pvc exhaust pipe). Tonight I don't smell the propane .

Either way, I've looked each time and never seen any glow in the combustion chamber. I removed the cover plate at the burner box. There's a couple of red wires entering from above that connect to a white modue from which 4 one inch prongs descend into the combustion box. I went through start-up--no glow, no overall change at all.

The descending prongs looked rusty and frail so I poked gently with my screwdriver--the two middle portions fell off so I assume we have at least one part in need of replacement.