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 Posted: Sun Nov 19th, 2006 04:21 pm
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It happens every year...

It's a day or two before a Major Holiday and the oven is looking a little crusty. So you decide to run the self-clean cycle. When you return to what you hoped would be a clean oven, you find a locked oven door and an error code on the display. Even if you can get a technician to your home before thanksgiving, it's likely he will not have the needed part. Your holiday dinner is now seriously screwed.

It is very common for a stove to fail during a clean cycle. The self-clean cycles generate interior temperatures in the range of 850 degrees F. That why the doors lock, if you were to open the door at 850 F, you would burn your eyebrows off. The clean cycle also uses parts and circuits that are seldom used. When you add the severe heat, you are subjecting the oven to the highest stresses it ever sees.

My rule is this..

If it is less than 2 weeks before a major holiday, do not use the clean cycle.

Tell your all friends.


You don't want to be microwaving Hotpockets for your holiday meal

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