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 Posted: Mon Jun 6th, 2005 10:46 pm
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It's good they took care of the customer, but they are not the company they once were. They have gotten real tight with the purse strings, and are holding to the letter of their warranties for the most part. They seem to only make adjustments for the more affluent customers, and never in mostly minority cities. They will give away service to a millionaire, and give nothing to the lady in the inner-city who has an oven control fail 3 months after the 1 year warrenty is up.

I do 90% of my work for Whirlpool/Kitchenaid and they have gone downhill at WARP 10. Kitchenaid is just a name on an inferior product. I will buy whirlpools, but not the kitchenaid brand. Higher price for same quality with extra features that are poorly built, poorly designed, and very likely to fail.

I wouldn't take a Kitchenaid a a gift. Their built in models just plain suck.


and yes I do have a bit of an attitude towards Cesspool

" Giving numerical data to Sears management is like giving a monkey a machine gun. No one knows for certain what will happen, but you can be sure of two things... It will be real messy, and only the monkey will be unharmed"