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 Posted: Mon Nov 6th, 2006 11:02 am
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The Seven wrote:
Budget Appliance Repair wrote:

This heater is unvented and uses the ODS, (oxygen depletion system), pilot. Only needs a gas line to hookup and operate.

Three postion gas valve, Off/Lo/Hi, 0/15000/30000btu - No t-stat.

What does ODS mean?
An unvented gas heater will consume oxygen and give out its exhaused gas in that room.
Don't think that it is safe/legal to use unvented gas heater in an "air-tighted" and well-insulated house in US and Canada!?

You could be very well correct on it not being legal to sale an unvented gas heater in some states in the US, (California , being one of them -- Johnstone Supply Co. has some unvented gas heaters listed in their book and it says:

"Suitability for installation in your area should be verified with the local code authority. These products are not approved for use or sale in all or part of the following states: Alaska, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, New York and Utah.")

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