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 Posted: Fri Nov 3rd, 2006 09:04 pm
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Error code F40 Fisasco

Well, we've had our Oasis Elites for almost 6 months,  went thru the period of.."Is it washing ???"  "How does it wash ??"  "It is even running ???"  "Wow !!! those things are dry after the spin cycle !".  Then last week BOOM !!!  error code F40.  user manual sez call for Service (period). I made some attempts to alleviate the problem  (unplug,  rearrange the load, tried different cycles) no luck.   Called Sears to ask some questions,  talking to a Orangatan (sic) would have yield more info & would have had a much better attitude.  Bottom line, after they missed the first appointment (3 days) & they were late on the second 2 days later (8-12PM window) by 2 hours, the service tech observes the F40 & sez: "I gota order a part, that will take 3 days".  <insert sound of small atomic blast>  Wife flipped out.  told the tech about giving up almost 2 days of work just for him to proclaim a part has to be ordered when his service order stated an F40 was occurring.   That will be almost 2 weeks without a washer, since Nov 11 is best for us.  (Gotta work during the week).   Otherwise both the W & D provide excellent results.  I would recommend them to large families, but the Service side is kinda sucky.