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 Posted: Wed Nov 1st, 2006 10:51 am
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The only picture I have is from the internet

CLICK HERE for the Ebay listing with a picture.

This auction seller is the same company that I orginally knew to have this heater, (without going thru the auction their normal price is only $110.00 + shipping).

This heater is unvented and uses the ODS, (oxygen depletion system), pilot. Only needs a gas line to hookup and operate.

Three postion gas valve, Off/Lo/Hi, 0/15000/30000btu - No t-stat.

I have a customer that is looking for a small cheap heater to heat just one room of the house, this is the best I could find so far.

Anyone here have any feedback on this??? $110.00 seems like a pretty good price, depending on how much shipping whould be to get it from Lebanon, IN to Eureka, CA.

I thought it appears to be a Williams, but like Pegi said, the part#'s on the Sears sites don't look like Williams part#'s, (I don't recognize them either).

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