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 Posted: Tue Oct 31st, 2006 06:11 pm
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To one and all, many thanks as my '02 'Kenmore' 417.42042100 has suffered the apparent inevitable, but however, was nice enough to smack a lovely "viewport" into the rear tub/bearing housing and I could clearly see the bearing grease staining the SS inner drum (AND that the vanes were still intact).

Based on all your information, and many years working on industrial ROVs (remotely operated vehicles), I have ordered the rear bearing assembly and am ready to tackle this repair, BUT, was wondering if removing the entire drum and front seal were necessary or could I just pull off the rear and swap with the new one, essentially leaving most of it hooked up ?

Not adverse to work, but have learned from countless days offshore that most things go wrong after you've just 'fooled around with them' and leaving perfectly good sub-assemblies well enough alone promoted their continued performance.

So, question to the forum; down to spare parts, or can I just work the back end?



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