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 Posted: Fri Oct 27th, 2006 03:10 pm
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Just got mine back together and working.  Can you push your inner tub up?  Does it move?  Mine inner bearing was shot.  I didn't get any banging but it did sound like a jet engine in the final spin.  I don't think it was to hard of a repair.   I bought mine in January of 2001 and it had a new style inner drum in it.  I guess the old ones had 3 supports that were welded to the tub and these cracked.  The new style is beefer and is bolted on.  I used the info I got from this forum, sifting through all 5 pages.  Got a writeup on how to take it apart, which bearings to buy, the size of the seal to install.  I bought shocks and a new tub seal (o-ring that seals the 2 outer tub halfs) The hardest thing was probably getting the inner bearing out.   I used a 3" to 2" pvc adapter that fit over the bearing and allowed it to be driven out.   And when you drive the new inner bearing in you need something just smaller than the bearing because it sits farther down to allow room for the seal.  Favorite tool for this job was a large rubber mallet.  

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