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 Posted: Thu Oct 26th, 2006 06:38 pm
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I have a Frigidaire FWTR647GHS1 front loader bought in Feb of 2001. The tub started banging loudly while in the final spin. I haven't removed the back yet so I haven't been able to look at the pulley, bearings or other suggestions on here.

I took a look at Frigidaire's site and found this (see below) under the warranty. Does this mean that the pulley would be covered?

Also I am not an appliance repair man, but I usually like to try to fix things myself. Any suggestions as to which of the possible repairs for this are reasonable for someone that is handy but has no experience with appliance repair? I just don't want to start taking things apart and find out that I'm in over my head and can't get it back together, or possibly cause more damage.

Thanks very much for the help.




From Date of Purchase

Replacement part for the motor, driven pulley or motor controller

which prove to be defective.

Replacement part for an inner wash basket that breaks due to a defect in materials or

workmanship. (Excludes Alaska)