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 Posted: Sat Jun 4th, 2005 11:56 pm
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Our machine is the same model and had a leak at the door on the left side. I changed the door seal. It still leaked. Checked everything or so I thought and still no fix the leak. Then she noticed the dishes were not as clean as they should be. I investigated that. Found that after the fill and the pump started everything sounded normal. After a few minutes I noticed the pump sound was getting quieter. After a number of beers and fogged glasses (read opening the door) I found the water level was dropping during the pumping cycle. Da#n if I did not find a pin hole leak in the rubber connector of the upper spray hose. Fixed that and got a two for one. The dishes are clean again and no leak at the door. Don't know if you have the same thing, but may be worth a look.

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