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 Posted: Sat Jun 4th, 2005 05:00 am
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I'm a little confused by the fourth post on this string.  If the purpose of the disconnect test is to determine if the F7 code is caused by a bad keypad (F7 does not re-appear) or by the ERC (F7 does re-appear) why does the appearance of F0 automatically mean both are bad?

The reason I ask is that I'm experiencing just that problem.  On my GE Profile dual oven (Model JTP56WOW2WW) we started getting the intermittent F7 error.  Did the pink eraser test with no improvement.  Attempted the disconnect test but upon reapplying power I got an F0 error within 5 minutes.  Very repeatable.

Is it possible that a problem with the ERC is causing the F7 error when connected to the keypad and the F0 error when disconnected?  Or is that for some reason impossible?

Thanks for the advice oh knowledgable one.