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 Posted: Sun Oct 1st, 2006 09:40 pm
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Thank you people - Stripped my Calypso down as discussed and found all kinds of nasty gook stuck inside the drain housing including the remains of two wires from a bra that were caked with lint and other nasties. After a few moments of choice expletives, I was able to jerk these items out.

One of the wires was in the bottom section, lodged half way into another hose and it appears to have trapped a little ball (I am assuming some kind of check ball) to the bottom of the housing. I am guessing that is was causing the LD error.

At any rate, after cleaning it out best I could, I put it all back together with a minimal of spare parts left over (unlike cars I attempt to work on) and pushed the ole go button and lo and behold, it's been through 5 loads now without flashing the LD error.

You guys saved me some cash on the repair guy and I am grateful. Kudos folks!