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 Posted: Fri Sep 29th, 2006 03:07 am
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My Mom's Maytag refrigerator just will not behave :X.  She had some relatives (outlaws) spending last weekend with her.  In the middle out the night, one of the visiting children woke her up to tell her that her kitchen was flooded. She got out of bed and followed the child back to the kitchen. The entire floor was covered with water. She thought it might have been from the dishwasher but the child told her it came from here (pointing to the water dispenser on the refrigerator door).  She said that there was no water coming from the dispenser at that moment, but she could see where it had tracked down the door. 

Now, the water dispenser will not deliver water when WATER is selected and the dispenser button is pushed.

The SELECTOR touch control buttons (to choose cube or crushed ice or water) seem to function, as the indicator lights on those icons light up when a selection is made.

When you select either ice option and press the dispenser button, the correct type of ice is delivered.  When you select WATER, you get nothing.

What tests do I need to do to identify the culprit?