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 Posted: Thu Sep 28th, 2006 05:15 pm
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Budget Appliance Repair wrote: There is another disscussion concerning this style of Frigidaire SxS refrig. where the refrigerator air damper was randomly not working correct. Frigidaire has a service bulletin out to replace the complete control assembly for over $100, you receive the complete controls, (new damper motor, Adaptive Defrost Control, Freezer t-stat, Refrig t-stat, and all housings all as a complete assembly. It appears from this service bulletin that Frigidaire has no idea what is failing.
Willie, what Friggidaire said about the reason for bringing out the "complete assembly" was it was due to field complaints about the damper assembly alone being difficult to install and leading to many recalls. I followed behind a few excellent techs where the issue was that the Molex plug became dislodged during reinstallation of the housing, would test ok and come completely apart a few days later. We never saw an issue with installing the complete housing, and it was actually quicker.

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