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 Posted: Thu Sep 28th, 2006 04:30 am
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Tape the light switch down and remove the receiver board from the side of the

freezer and if you look at the harness and you will see the six wires.  If you jumper

the black and the black/white together with the board still connected to the harness

it will bypass the relay on the receiver board and start the icemaker.  The catch is

that you have to hold the jumper in contact with the wires at all times for the

icemaker to advance and there is not much room to play around in there.  In addition

you should still have the jumper inserted at T and H on the icemaker to bypass the

thermostat.  If the icemaker works with this test than the problem is probably with

the emitter/receiver board.

You can test for an obstructed icemaker water line by switching the icemaker water

valve harness with the door dispenser valve harness and then press the dispenser

switch on the door to energize the valve.  Hopefully water will run from the fill tube in

the freezer.  Clear as mud right?