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 Posted: Wed Sep 27th, 2006 11:22 pm
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Pegi wrote: We use solid strand insulated copper with the ends stripped back....common problem with these systems is the water tube thru the top of the freezer cloggs with ice, have you checked this?? 
Hi Pegi:

I took a couple of strands of copper-cored speaker wire and used that (4 strands per jumper to increase the diameter to match the jumper holes) - should have conducted easily. I observed no action, no movement, no harvest cycle.

I have not checked the water tube - according to the manual, most of the water line lies outside of the freezer liner and inside the fridge housing, so not sure how to get to it. The water nozzle inside the freezer seems OK - but could be clogged in a non-visible spot before exiting the liner, I suppose. Anyway I can test this?