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 Posted: Wed Sep 27th, 2006 12:15 pm
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You may have a bad freezer t-stat, (the control on the left), short cycling the compressor.

I have one similiar to this in the shop, that's doing somewhat the same thing only a little worse, will run and get good and cold, (correct temps), then shut off and never turn back on.

When I've found it not working I tap the front of the control and the compressor and condensor fans starts up again, tap it again and it will shutoff sometimes, if the control makes contact, starts the compressor then looses contact and then closes again the compressor can't start because it has built up a head pressure from the first start attempt.

There is another disscussion concerning this style of Frigidaire SxS refrig. where the refrigerator air damper was randomly not working correct. Frigidaire has a service bulletin out to replace the complete control assembly for over $100, you receive the complete controls, (new damper motor, Adaptive Defrost Control, Freezer t-stat, Refrig t-stat, and all housings all as a complete assembly. It appears from this service bulletin that Frigidaire has no idea what is failing.

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