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 Posted: Wed Sep 20th, 2006 07:13 am
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Oh wise ones - I need advice fixing my Kenmore machine.  First I need to compliment Repairclinic.  I ordered the entire tub assembly since I knew I had a bearing problem and with my luck, I would also have the spider arm problem (now or very soon) and the entire assembly is more cost effective for that case.  It turns out that DHL LOST the contents of the box, but within a day or two, a replacement was shipped and is now here and looks in good shape (but with a badly mashed box).  Replacing the lost shipment that quickly deserves Kudos for customer service.

My questions.  I have successfully taken the old assembly out with the advice found on this site (I would not have attempted this without the information on this site).  Since I am moving the fill tube on the top of the assembly from the old tub to the new tub I need suggestions for what to use for sealing the tube to the tub so it does not leak???    The same for the the front boot since I do not have the replacement kit with the "official" sealant. 

Thanks to all who guide us grasshoppers.