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 Posted: Wed Sep 20th, 2006 01:25 am
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Time to discuss the Reality Side of Shmears:

Michelle, you are in for the same drill which I am going through.  If you read my earlier post, you'll be up to speed.  Let me give you an update.   I went to the appliance parts store next to my shop and he gave me a high price, but seemingly good advice at the time.  That drum has a 25 year warranty on it, and I should contact a Frigidaire repair man; even gave me a name.  I called and spoke with a "nice" lady who I explained my problem to and when I got to the part where I told her that I had taken the washer apart...she wanted nothing to do with it and rapidly ended the call.  I went to another regional parts store chain.  They gave me a high price too and another name.  I called this guy and it took 3 follow up calls to him and 3 weeks before he got back to me.  I was willing to pay him for him time to get me a drum...  When he heard it was Kenshmore, he wanted nothing to do with it.  I wrote Frigidaire (who e-mailed me promptly within 2 hours, even on an early Saturday morning), informing me that Shmears now owns the whole shooting match, machine warranty, etc.  I contacted Shmears (again).  They informed me that  the drum only has a 1 year warranty (even though the frigidaire one has 25 years).  The technician, whom I paid $65 to in order to MISDIAGNOSE the problem stated that I have bad bearings.  Well, when I took the machine apart, I saw broken spider arms.  They insisted that it was a "Code 23" (or whatever their code is for bad bearings).  This "gentleman" insisted that the bearings are part of the drum; yet for some reason I wasn't seeing this considering that the beaqring are in the back half of the tub and the drum is not!  WHAT?  Pretty much told me I was crap outta luck. 

Here's their loophole:  They want to replace the entire assembly and they can justify having incompetent technicians by replacing more than what is broken.  The part that they want to use to fix the "bad bearing" contains the part which is really broken on my machine, so they consider this an accurate diagnosis.

Here is another nugget which you can do whatever you want with it.  You can call up Shmears and buy a warranty for 1 year on your machine for $104 as long as your machine is in "running" condition.  Get the point?

Let's review:

1) I spent $700 on a "good" machine

2) It broke

3) I spent $65 for a professional to come to my house to misdiagnose it

4) I got sticker shock on a replacement part

5) I was rejected immediately because I am mechanically inclined

6) Got my sticker shock reinforced

7) Waited 3 weeks for a guy to refuse work on a "Kenmore"

8) Got rejected by Frigidaire (Kenshmore branded product)

9) Got blatantly lied to about what a bearing actually is and where its located

10) Bought bearings for $38 and replaced them (exactly as diagnosed by Shmears)

11) Put the machine back together.  Machine is running.

12) Bought insurance, just in case something else goes wrong.  I've got a hunch that my spider arms are the next to go.  They didn't look good, but the machine is "running" (and besides, Shmears insists that they are not my problem)

13) Made a pact to never buy anything from Shmears and do my best to encourage others to follow my lead...It doesn't look good for me shopping at K-Fart either!

14)  Alienated the wife because I had a wshing machine torn apart in my kitchen for 2 months. Can I sue Shmears for their role in my lack of conjugation OR will they consider the 5cre#ing I got from them as conjugation?!

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