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 Posted: Sat Sep 16th, 2006 03:54 am
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Thank you for the tech sheets.  I put the unit into diagnostic mode and though the display did not show the codes in the tech sheets, I was able to find an anomoly vs one of the diagnostic tests - the unit would not beep when the door was opened and closed, and the display would not change.  I pulled out the door switch just a little, and took off the top housing to get to the electronics.  I levered the control card up to verify the wiring was OK.  ohmed out the switch, and it seemed to work.  successfully reran the diagnostics with the switch hanging out, and was able to operate the dryer in the diagnostic mode.  I did not find anything broken.  I put the dryer back together, and we are using it now.  I can only guess the the switch or harness had an intermittant failure, or I cleared something unknowingly.  If it exhibits this behaviour again, I will be on the right track - maybe have to buy a replacement switch at some point.  Thanks for the help.