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 Posted: Thu Sep 14th, 2006 05:08 am
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No, trust me, I'm listening.  The reason I ask about value is I figured I paid him $X so far.  If I now get a compressor included in that price, he'll never see the additonal 1200, that might be a good deal for me.  Look at it this way, once installed, he'll have to sue me.  And the mechanic's lien won't hold up. 

He screwed the wrong guy.  I thought he was a referral by our commercial electrician and thus implicitly trusted him.  But my wife and I crossed our messages.  He was a hack out of the phone book. 

Please re-read and answer if you could: does it sound like i need a compressor from the very little I've said?  What might the value of the compressor, relay, breaker and cleaning?   Go ahead tell me I'm stupid if you think so.  Honest feedback appreciated.  Thanks again. 

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