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 Posted: Thu Sep 14th, 2006 02:14 am
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My Kenmore Elite front load dryer, 14 months old, does not work. the symptoms are as follows: I press any of the setting buttons - auto cycles such as "heavy duty" or manual cycles such as "timed dry". the panel lights up as normal with various settings such as heat setting, end-of-cycle buzzer, the default two digit time, etc. I can adjust the time up and down on the timed cycle option. I can change the other settings. When I press "start", the dryer beeps two or three times in rapid succession, and the two digit time display starts blinking. I cannot change any of the settings that I mentioned earlier. I can hit cancel, and all of the lights go off.

What is strange is this started when I tried to use the stationary rack to dry some shoes. It worked fine before that. I took out the rack, but the above symptoms remain.

Does anyone have an idea of what this problem is? I don't have my manual, and am a bit upset that the unit only lasted to just beyond the warranty.