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 Posted: Thu Sep 14th, 2006 01:07 am
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OK, so after charging me an arm and leg for the starter relay, and I still have a problem with the circuit breaker, I call and he offers to come back to fix and replace the breaker. 

After that's installed, he has me listen to the compressor, which is quiet, then something happens such as a switch (electric) or, what I would describe as a clicking on.... and then off again, which signified a bad freezer compressor.  It's like a microwave on defrost where you hear it kick in for a while, then kick back off.  Apparently, the fridge compressor is good but the freezer compressor is bad.  An additional 1200 gets that installed tomorrow.

Sound like I even need a new compressor?  Even if I don't, what do you think a reasonable cost would be for the total job, compressor, cleaning, starter relay, replace breaker?   Ballpark or range acceptable.  Any guidance appreciated.  BTW, past guidance already a big help.  THANKS!

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