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 Posted: Wed Sep 13th, 2006 11:03 pm
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Poobah wrote: Mary B.......It all comes down to one thing......PEACE OF MIND.......even after all of the repairs have been made, and all of your out of pocket expense, are you going to be happy and be trusting of the machine.  If I read your post right you will still be out  of pocket $182.00 & 54.00 for a total of another 236.22 (gasket and labor). With the 500.00 and that 236.22 you are very well in range to buy a new machine, and not have one that is 3 years old with a bunch of new parts and old ones to boot.    Good  Luck  with your decision.......

Just goes to show you when you purchase this kind of unit

always take the 5 year service plan. 

(Master plan Covers everythig or you get a replacement if it can't be fixed)

No the 182 and the 52 should be covered by the P.A. 500 special purchased for 300.

You now have lost the option of getting a new machine once you argued the point.

One source will not allow the replacement no mater how long it takes to repair this unit.

Been down that road before.

The opertunity has passed.

In my experience once the spin basket is replaced  you will be fine.

That is the whole machine.

It will take about two to three hours to replace these parts.

You will be good for 3 to 4 more years with your use and water condition.

Then the weilds will rust out again from the rusty water.