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 Posted: Wed Sep 13th, 2006 02:31 pm
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The second Sears Repair person what here yesterday.  The first guy said he'd never seen this before, handed me an est. for $1100, or offered the $500 (under my 1 year warranty that I bought for $300 when I called for service) towards a new machine.  At that time I did not realize the S.S. tub had a lifetime warranty.  When I read the book and saw the lifetime warranty, I called Sears back and asked sears to send a different tech. 

That happened yesterday.  It was a woman, who also said she had Never seen this before.  She made a few phone calls then told me that Sears would pick up the cost of the parts under the warranty:  Sub Tub-Outer, Sub-Basket, Sub- Tub Outer - Totaling $714.00

Then she estimated I'd also need Sub Baffle K, and a gasket for $54.22.  That money and the $182 Labor would be covered under the Protection Agreement Warranty - 1 year that I already paid for.

She did say however that it was going to be a afternoon - 2 man job.  They could potentially open the machine, get it apart and find other damage.  That is what I am affraid of.  I told her that was fine, as long as I would then have an option to reject the est. and still take the $500 towards the new machine. 

Bottom line, I regret my decsion to buy a front loader!  I would never do it again.  My husband & I bought the machine in May 2003.  We are a family of 4 (a 6 yr. old and 3 year old).  I don't think we have very heavy dirt (we send a lot of business clothes to the cleaners) and our kids don't get that dirty.  We did not have a water softener, but also did not have any problems with any other appliances.  In fact, we still have our original water heater (13 years on a builder grade unit).  I would think if the water was what caused this, we'd also be burning throught water heaters???

I think it was faulty S.S. - it broke at the weakest point, the seam. 

Do you think Sears should also pick up the labor cost $182.00 and the $54.22 for the sub baffle and gasket.  I am still paying the $300 for the repair for the cost of the warranty to cover these items?  If they find anything else when they take it apart, would I be better to take the $500 towards the new machine, and run? 

I told the service person that I would really like the machine replaced, she said they would NOT do that, but would give me the parts to fix it?  Should I feel o.K. with a repaired machine?