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 Posted: Wed Sep 13th, 2006 12:23 am
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Apparently the part looks like this:

and probably this IS it. It costs some $30 at RCC... perhaps $50 in his shop. he charged about $650 for the labor? :yikes: Or did he add freon or do something to the sealed system? From what I hear that price often covers major or mediun overhaul on the sealed system. Changing the start relay does not affect it. 

As it regards the breaker... it can cost something like that to have a new one wired in, but then, if it is a double breaker 2x120V, 20A, then it is probably for a dryer or range circuit... I believe your fridge should be on its own 1x120V circuit, or it is sharing such a circuit withe something else. The breaker on another circuit than your fridge, should not interfere with the comp relay or vice versa.

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