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 Posted: Mon Sep 11th, 2006 08:33 pm
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Last week, during a normal load of laundry our HE3 Washer started making a horrible loud sound!  It sounded like a car coming through our garage.  We got the washer stopped.  When we removed our white clothes, there was a rust color all over them.  There is a gaping hole under one of the baffles in the seam of the Stainless Steel tub. 

I did not buy the extended warranty 3 years ago when we paid $1,000 for this machine.  I called Sears, their service guy claims he had never seen this before and handed me an estimate for $1,100 to repair it.  I laughed and showed him out!!!!  I read in the manual that the Stainless Steel tub has a Limited Lifetime Warranty, so I called Sears to complain.  The service guy said nothing about this warranty.  When I explained to the woman on the phone what had happened, she looked up my model (Model # 110.42822201) and told me there were two Service Flashes on this model for tub problems.  They are sending a different service guy out tomorrow.  I am mad that the first service guy did not know the warranty and knew nothing about the Service Flashes. 

Where can I look these Service Flashes up.  I bought my machine in May of 2003.  It is an HE3  Should these repairs (Parts & Labor) be covered?  The tub is completely blown apart.  I am now concerned what other damage was done.  Do I have the right to demand that they replace the entire machine, since they sent me NO RECALL Notices, and the damage was done as a result.  What about the damage to my entire load of laundry?

Where can I go for some of these answers.  I have digital pictures of the damage it it helps.