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 Posted: Sun Sep 10th, 2006 09:23 am
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Well 2 weeks now with the Oasis has me wondering if I should keep it. The problem is EVERY time I load it to capacity, it gives me a UL error code because the load is unbalanced...then it fills with water...agitates...tries to spin again and  the UL code appears and it beeps.....time for me to manually rebalance and it tries again until it is able to spin...wasting a bunch of water along the way. Why have a washer capable of such large loads if it can't spin them. I even placed each item in neatly in a cirle around the drum this time to try and balance it from the start. Willl I just be trading this issue for another if I take it back and get the Kenmore front loader H3 or H4?? I have 90 days to return questions asked.