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 Posted: Wed Jun 1st, 2005 08:48 pm
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Hi - This is the lady who started the dryer belt post. I got the belt (with the new spring), and got the back off the dryer, but discovered the reason the white "pulley" wheel was just laying there. It is attached to the motor by a pin, and that sheared right in half (what kind of manufacturing is that!). Anyways, I will need a new a motor - the pulley arm is considered a part of the motor, which should be covered under the ASKO 5 year warantee - but I am still going to be stuck with the labor (and this is definately not a job I will attempt - nor will ASKO "let" you via  their part warantee - has to be by a service company). They were talking about $172 to replace the belt - so it will be interesting to see what they have to say about this motor+belt!  As I know the service guy pretty well (10 years of ASKO products puts you on a first name basis) - I can probably get him to just bill me for whatever time it takes him. If there is any "good" news in this, its that I have my "old" ASKO dryer that I have been using during this time. It was such a lemon that I ended up getting this new one for free (or a greatly reduced price). Now, if it just holds up another week or so.....

PS - Re: the asko instructions - it didn't look like you would have to take the fuse wires off on mine if all that was required was the belt (I slipped it around the front of the drum) - nor would you have to put it face down on the floor, and mine doesn't have a condenser that I am aware the instructions make it sound more complicated that it is (assuming you don't have a broken motor!!).