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 Posted: Sun Sep 3rd, 2006 06:33 pm
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tazmo wrote: And I see that Asko now carries brushless motors.  Wouldn't it be nice if you could retrofit a new brushless motor into your old 11505?

I'm afraid that the brushless motors are on direct drive machines... even if there is a brushless motor intended for the conventional belt drive, it requires a different control module. Also the size and fitting are probably different.

The brushed motor has one or more stator windings, and the brushes to feed the rotor windings. The control module then connects one or more of the field windings in series or parallel with the rotor, to achieve the requested speed and direction. there are about 10 wires going into the motor for this.

The brushless motor has a permanently magnetized rotor, and usually a multiple of three stator windings. Those are magnetized in rotary sequence by the control module, and there can be as little as four wires going into the motor. Speed and direction are variated by changing the sequence and frequency.

EDIT 29.4.2008

Now that this thread has been nailed shut, I'll sneak in posthumous clarifications  (was too lazy or busy to do this before):

1) There are brushless motors for the belt drive machines, but like said before, they require a different control module. For some machines, conversion kits are available.

2) Of course there are now plenty units with a brushed DC motor and only 4 wires to it.

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