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 Posted: Fri Sep 1st, 2006 03:46 pm
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Konichiwa O Wise Ones,
I have a Kenmore front loading washer model 417.29042992
I got this washer in 1999 and have been very happy with this washer up until recently.  There are only two of us so the washer isn't used as much as it would be in other households.  Out of the blue it started to make a lot of noise during the spin cycle.  The noise grew even worse during the high speed spin.  I found pieces of plastic in the laundry.  After some exploration I found the source of plastic to be where the spin tub was rubbing against the shell front tub.  I removed more plastic and though that my problems would be fixed if I releveled the machine  (for I am a nieve young grasshopper).  This did improve the situation.  But it remained noisy during the spin cycle, thought the high speed spin was nearly back to normal.  With the washer empty when I spin the tub is does seem to clunk in and out of place.  So I did a little searching online and found this site.  Now I suspect I too have a bearing issue going on.  I tried to remove the back panel.  I had four screws that needed to be drilled out.  I was able to drill two, but now the drill bit seems to be too dull to drill out the other two.  From what I can see, the pully drum appears intact and I'm not seeing any gunk.   I know this does not mean this isn't a  bearing problem.  I just not sure what to do next.