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 Posted: Fri Sep 1st, 2006 03:30 am
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Thanks to Mad Mac, I now know that this reference is for the lint catcher...:)

a bottle washer for inner drum (after I took the plastic spacer thing out There is a metal ring that holds it tightly -Then there are 4 tabs that are visible inside the drum. Depress them and slide off)

Keep banging away on the shaft. I used a regular hammer and tried to be gentle. The washer is about 20 years old I am told. Keep banging and yanking on the tub. I was afraid I might brake something too.

Once the drum gives and you remove it (it will -think positively..:) tip the drum upside down and take the lint catcher off by depressing those tabs after you have removed the inner snap ring.

You will quickly ascertain where that smell is coming from.

Sorry it took all day to respond.