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 Posted: Thu Aug 31st, 2006 07:27 pm
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Hi all,

I just want to share my experience with the F1 error.
I have a GE self-clean oven, 2.5 years old. It started with the F1 long time ago, rarely during baking. Didn't bother us much, since it was going away in a minute or so.
But with the time the frequency of the F1s increased, until after the last self-cleaning my wife did, it started to refuse backing completely.

After some reading I decided to test the temperature sensor (250CAD for the ERC is a lot). I opened the back and found a sheet saying that:

F1 may mean excessive oven temperature(plus two other problems)

Which was another hint that it may be the sensor.

I measured the resistance - 1100 ohms??? I thought I need to buy an ERC.
But after I started the oven and it reached 550F, it gave the F1.

The resistance was well over 5000.
Measured again after it cooled a bit - 6000, again - 7000.
it reached 8000+. Well after the temperature peak.

An hour after - it was 2000.

I am replacing it.

So it all seems logical to me now. If one gets F error in the middle of backing, the temperature sensor should be checked. At different temperatures.

And just to comply with the rules - the model number is GRSR3920ZWW-4.

Thanks for all the info you've put on you site,


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